The Degen donkey of Solana

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Donke is a notorious Donkey, consistently buying tops and sending everything to zero

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about Donke

Meet Donke, the rogue donkey of Solana, the embodiment of crypto chaos! This disheveled, wild-maned maverick dives hoof-first into the riskiest corners of the blockchain, thriving on the thrill of the gamble. Flaunting a coat matted with the remnants of failed tokens and a grin sparked by volatile market swings, heโ€™s the unruly icon of NFT debauchery. With a digital wallet that's a testament to high-risk, high-reward antics, Donke is the undisputed legend of the Solana underbelly, reveling in the madness of meme-driven mayhem.

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Donke made 666 Million tokens but he's a greedy son of a bitch and wants to keep them all to himself.

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666,666,666 $Donke